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Webinar: Intelligent manufacturing of bamboo products

This webinar is free to attend. Registration is required. Please register to attend here.

Theme: Bamboo Industry Development

About the webinar: 

In the global campaign of plastic restriction and prohibition, bamboo, as a fast-growing, green and degradable biomass material, provides a solution for plastic replacement. The intelligent manufacturing of bamboo products provides a guarantee for large-scale substituting of plastic products and its industrialization. In the process of bamboo forest management, in face of the higher and higher labour costs for harvesting and transportation of bamboo materials, innovative machinery, such as cableway collector and transporter of bamboo materials, is an efficient way to solve the difficulty and pain point of bamboo harvesting.

The target audience includes researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, bamboo developers, regional industrial planners and decision-makers who are interested in the development of bamboo industrialization and the promotion of circular/green economy.


2 March 2021

14:00 GMT+1 (Yaounde)
16:00 GMT+3 (Addis Ababa)
21:00 GMT+8 (Beijing)
07:00 GMT-5 (Quito)

Register to attend using this link.

sources : https://www.inbar.int/event/webinar-intelligent-manufacturing-of-bamboo-products/

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