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Intensive Bamboo Structure Workshop

Bamboo Structure Workshop (3 intensive days)Become familiar with bamboo construction techniques, principles of construction, opportunities and constraints of bamboo as a building material and participate in artisan bamboo craft workshops. And study your Bamboo structure project.The Bamboo Structure Workshop venue is located in our Bali bamboo factory where artisan craftsmen...

Wisata Edukasi Bambu Nusantara

Info lebih lanjut hubungi 08174139994 Akademi Bambu Nusantara

Sabilulungan Bamboo Fest 2020

More information you can visit this link https://www.smilingwestjava.events/detail-event/sabilulungan-bamboo-fest-2020

New Species of Climbing and scrabling bamboo from Sulawesi

This is a new publication from Elizabeth A Widjaja about New Species of climbing and scrabling bamboo from Sulawesi, Indonesia. Published in Reinwardtia 18(2): 115-132.A book reviewed was made by S. Dransfield the bamboo taxonomist who stay at Kew Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, England. She has written a review...

Launching The spectacular Indonesian bamboos book

The spectacular Indonesian bamboos book has been published privately. It has been written by Elizabeth A Widjaja who was the senior researcher at the research center for biology, the Indonesian Institute of sciences. She worked at that institute since her bachelor of science while she did her final assignment as...