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1Bamboo and Climate Change
Mitigation : a comparative analysis
of carbon sequestration
2Bamboo Distribution in Bangli Regency Bali
3Distribution and conservation status of forest bamboo
biodiversity in the Asia-Pacific Region
4Bamboo The Amazing Grass Wong (2004)
5Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
6The global distribution of bamboos: assessing correlates of introduction and invasion
7Bamboo diversity: the need for a Red List review
8Bamboo Biodiversity
9Long-term intensive management increased carbon occlude in phytolith (PhytOC) in bamboo forest soils
10Bamboo vs. crops: An integrated energy and economic evaluation of using bamboo to replace crops in South Sichuan Province, China
11Comparative life cycle analysis of producing charcoal
from bamboo, teak, and acacia species in Ghana
12Allometric Scaling, Biomass Accumulation and Carbon Stocks in Different
aged stands of thin-walled bamboos
Schizostachyum dullooa,
Pseudostachyum polymorphum
Melocanna Baccifera
13The Impact of Giant Panda Foraging On Bamboo Dynamics
In An Isolated Environment
14World Bamboo Diversity Falling to Deforestation
15World Bamboo Resources (A thematic study prepared in the framework of the Global Forest Resources Assassement 2005)
16Carbon Stock in Bamboo Ecosystems Worldwide: Estimates and uncertainties