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Announcement of INBAR Webinar Series

Warm greetings from the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR)! Hope this email finds you safe and healthy.

During the times of social distancing caused by COVID-19 pandemic, we’re happy to announce that INBAR is organising a series of webinars, as a platform for share and exchange of information and knowledge on bamboo and rattan’s roles in many aspects such as environmental management, poverty alleviation, ecological economy, construction, etc. The webinars will bring together policy makers, researchers and experts, planners, entrepreneurs, development practitioners, NGOs, farmers, and other stakeholders to discuss the potential of bamboo and rattan for integrated sustainable development benefitting smallholders, poor communities, youth and women.

The webinar series will be arranged in seven themes as follows, with a number of sessions under each theme:

Theme 1: Bamboo and Environmental Management

Theme 2: Bamboo for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development

Theme 3: Bamboo and Eco-economy

Theme 4: Bamboo and People’s Health and Welfare

Theme 5: Bamboo as a Sustainable Material for Construction

Theme 6: Bamboo Policy: A Roadmap for Bamboo Development

Theme 7: Sustainable Management and Utilization of Rattan Resources

Most of the webinars will be in English, but you may also find some in other languages. For example, some of you may have already attended our webinars in Spanish organised by INBAR LAC Regional Office.

To have a convenient access to all INBAR webinar series, please kindly follow the schedule at 👉http://ow.ly/IMRN50zYrFE 

Flyers of each session and links for attending are also available via the above link.

Should you be interested in attending the above webinars, please mark your calendar and save the dates for upcoming ones in the following month:

·   16 June 2020: 1.1 Assessing Ecosystem Services from Bamboo Forests. Join via Teams here.

·   17 June 2020: 3.1 Innovation, Application and Diversification of Bamboo Products. Join via Teams here.

·   23 June 2020: 1.2 Bamboo for Climate Change and Carbon Market Opportunities

·   30 June 2020: 1.3 Soil and Water Conservation with Bamboo

·   7 July 2020: 1.4 Land Restoration with Bamboo

·   14 July 2020: 1.5 Bamboo for Conservation of Endangered Species

Others will be available at a later time via the link mentioned above.

Please kindly help to share this widely in your network. Hope you’ll find these webinars useful. We look forward to your active participation!

Sincerely yours,

INBAR Training Team

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