Botanical Explorations and Other Field Work

1976  : Bamboo music in West Java

         : Ethnobotany of alang-alang in Bali Island

1977  : Ethnobotany of Torajanese in South Sulawesi

         : Botanical exploration in Bengkulu, Sumatra

1978 : Botanical exploration in P. Kobaena (South  East Sulawesi)

1980 : Botanical exploration in Timor and Flores

1982 : Botanical exploration in North Sumatra

         : Ethnobotanical study of Dayak Kenyah in Long  Sungai Barang, East Kalimantan

1983  : Botanical exploration in North and West  Sumatra

         : Botanical exploration in Central Sulawesi

         : Bamboo exploration in East Jawa

1985  : Botanical exploration in Lorentz National Park, Irian Jaya

         : Botanical exploration in Baliem and  Manokwari, Irian Jaya

1987  : Botanical exploration in Lampung

1988  :Ethnobotanical study of Alune and Wemale in  West Seram

         : Botanical exploration in Bengkulu

 : Aerial and ground survey of Lorentz National Park to make the Term of Reference of     Lorentz National Park

1989  : Botanical exploration in Central Sulawesi             

         : Botanical exploration in Luzon and Mindanao Island, the Philippines

         : Bamboo exploration Meru Betiri National Park

1990  : Bamboo exploration in Bangka Island

1991  : Bamboo exploration in Sumatra

           : Bamboo exploration in Bengkulu Province

           : Ethnobotanical study in the Hatam and Sougb, Irian Jaya.

1992  : Bamboo exploration in Kalimantan, North Celebes and North Moluccas.

           : Asmat Ethnobotany in Irian Jaya

1993  : Bamboo exploration in Timor Timur, Flores, Sumbawa, Bali, Irian Jaya, Central and     East  Java,  

              Papua New Guinea.

1996  : Bamboo exploration in Bogani Nani Watabone National Park.

1997  : Botanical exploration in Japen Island, Irian Jaya

1998  : Bamboo in Leuser ecosystem, Sumatra.

1999  : Bamboo in Leuser ecosystem, Sumatra

2000  : Flora of Rimbo Panti, West Sumatra

2001  : Flora of Rimbo Panti, West Sumatra

2001  : Bambu betung hitam exploration in Central Java and Flores

2002  : Bambu betung hitam exploration in Cenral Java and Flores

2003  : Bamboo diversity in Sumba Island

2004  : Bamboo diversity in Alor Island

2005  : Bamboo diversity in Central Sulawesi

         : Jelutung diversity in Jambi Province

2008  : Plant exploration in Sebangau National Park

2009  : Plant exploration in Mekongga Mountainous, South East Sulawesi

2010  : Plant exploration in Mekongga Mountainous, South East Sulawesi

2011  : Biodiversity loss at South East Sulawesi

           : Plant exploration in Mekongga Mountainous, South East Sulawesi

2013  : Biodiversity loss at Central Sulawesi

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